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Other special-purpose machines

Another sector where the AHAtech team has much experience is special-purpose machines for handling, assembling and inspecting parts. There is enormous pressure in today's economy to produce more, higher-quality parts at lower cost. Industry 4.0 needs more automation in the areas where human effort has yet to be replaced. Greater efficiency and new technologies means automation is cheaper and more affordable than ever before.

AHAtech machines and solutions can help reach your goal of ensuring the products you manufacture are the best in terms of quality and letting you design a fully automated workplace that employs robot systems.



Various manipulators come hand-to-hand with camera systems. Whether you want to move, insert, pick, rotate or sort, AHAtech offers many solutions to fit your needs.

Manipulators combined with camera systems provide endless mass production possibilities in any industrial sector. High speed, low speed, heavy, light, hot or cold pieces, now anything is possible to move. Send us an inquiry for a customer specific solution.

Montážne stroje a prípravky

Assembly machines and tools

Assembly machines and tools are the response to increasing demand for exact, fast and reliable mass and prototype production. The combination of the right tools, magazines, servo drives and a smart design approach brings versatility and more options for a single machine. Simple assembly tools and devices make work easier and more productive.

Inšpekčné stroje s kamerami

Camera-based inspection machines

Special-purpose machines equipped with camera systems are a milestone on the road to Industry 4.0. The general idea is based on fast shape and colour recognition in both low and high speed applications. Counting, inspecting and identification have never been as easy as now, with the combination of fast communication interfaces and industrial computers opening the door to incredible opportunities.

Visual detection along with fully integrated recognition systems allows bin/panel picking or parts counting for almost anyone.