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Extrusion Line Machines

AHAtech supplies various extrusion line machines for manufacturing processes. These machines are designed for cutting, drilling, pulling, bending, measuring and labelling different extrusion line materials. The construction department is experienced in processing TPE and rubber profiles.

All line equipment can be furnished with a number of additional devices, such as a device able to cut in the exact position from any spot on the profile and a conveyer with stored profiles. The machines are equipped to automatically synchronise with the speed of the assembly line.

Letmá píla

Flying saw machine

The concept behind a “flying saw” consists of a main travelling head with a sawing or cutting unit. Flying saws are mainly intended for processing metal-reinforced profiles, while ensuring the best quality separating of material.

Naturally, each material should be cut with the most suitable type of saw blade. A servo drive regulates the speed and feed rate for the blade, which can be adjusted from the operator’s panel. Interchangeable clamp units allow even more complicated profile shapes to be cut with the desired quality.

Excentrická sekačka

Eccentric cut machine

Servo driven eccentric cut machines operate on the principle of high-cadence cutting on padding while they still run quietly. The eccentric cutting movement is provided by an eccentric bearing unit connected to the arm on which the knife is attached. The servo unit controls the length of the profile with enormous precision. A special servo arrangement can be optionally added to set cut depth, enabling 3M sealing tape to be cut while the tape itself remains undamaged.


Flying cut machine

Flying cut machines are equipped with a rotary knife and caterpillar pulling belt that measures the length to be cut. This combination guarantees enormous cutting cadence at low cost. It is suitable for cutting profiles that have no metal reinforcement. The rotary knife is capable of step-less cutting of up to 800 cuts per minute. The caterpillar pulling belt is equipped with a stop-and-go system. Water in the cutting unit space cools and lubricates the rotary knife as it passes through it.

Píla do linky

Extrusion line saw machine

Machines containing a sawing unit and a caterpillar pulling belt are a fantastic combination for cutting bendable and semi-rigid profiles. The rigid saw unit combines the advantages of a flying saw and rotary knife cutter, while the caterpillar pulling belt and stop-and-go system provide more effective production at lower operating costs.

Vŕtačky do linky

Extrusion line drilling machine

These machines are designed to drill openings in extrusion line profiles. The drill includes a caterpillar haul-off that can operate either continually or stop-and-go. It is designed to drill holes for ventilation or drainage. A device that automatically synchronises the drill with the speed of the assembly line, a selection of various drilling heads and press force setting make AHAtech drilling machines a clear choice for your operation.

Zariadenia na značkovanie

Marking devices

AHAtech offers both in-line and off-line marking devices, depending on customer specifications. Any labelling, whether ink jet, thermal transfer or any other type printing, can be incorporated into any special-purpose machine. The design can be customised to meet specific customer needs.

Odťahové dopravníky

Caterpillar haul-offs

This special-purpose machine pulls profiles over an extrusion line. Non-slip belts and fine-tuning of the contact force on the profile combined with sensitive speed settings make this conveyor ready for any material or profile shape. Customers can choose from several belt sizes according to their wishes.