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Special-purpose machines

Off-line machines

The principal products manufactured by AHAtech are special-purpose cutting machines for automotive gaskets. Cutting machines provide a complete solution for producing different die cuts for automotive gaskets, which then go through other engineering steps – injection moulding, bending and more.

State-of-the-art servo motors and tool steels let us achieve high accuracy with tolerances and repeatability.

Extrusion Line Machines

AHAtech supplies various extrusion line machines for manufacturing processes. These machines are designed for cutting, drilling, pulling, bending, measuring and labelling different extrusion line materials. The construction department is experienced in processing TPE and rubber profiles.

All line equipment can be furnished with a number of additional devices, such as a device able to cut in the exact position from any spot on the profile and a conveyer with stored profiles. The machines are equipped to automatically synchronise with the speed of the assembly line.

Other special-purpose machines

Another sector where the AHAtech team has much experience is special-purpose machines for handling, assembling and inspecting parts. There is enormous pressure in today's economy to produce more, higher-quality parts at lower cost. Industry 4.0 needs more automation in the areas where human effort has yet to be replaced. Greater efficiency and new technologies means automation is cheaper and more affordable than ever before.

AHAtech machines and solutions can help reach your goal of ensuring the products you manufacture are the best in terms of quality and letting you design a fully automated workplace that employs robot systems.