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Off-line machines

The principal products manufactured by AHAtech are special-purpose cutting machines for automotive gaskets. Cutting machines provide a complete solution for producing different die cuts for automotive gaskets, which then go through other engineering steps – injection moulding, bending and more.

State-of-the-art servo motors and tool steels let us achieve high accuracy with tolerances and repeatability.

Sekacie stroje pre tvarové seky

Contour cutting machines

These cutting machines are designed for mass automotive production, manufacturing 30,000 to 300,000 seal units per year. Welded construction of robust frames means lower cost and greater cutting precision. Optical and capacitive sensors enable maximum performance while minimising any poor decisions and errors made by production operators. AHAtech cutting machines are designed for the different types of sealing systems the automotive industry uses, such as door seals, glass run seals, hood seals and various weather-stripping.

Sekacie postupové stroje

Special purpose contour cut step machines

These machines are for even more complicated car seals such as roof profiles for cars. AHAtech transfer machines are built to meet the high sealing standard required in many complicated contour cuts. During cutting, the movable support and parts are transported between different cutting stations doing the different contour cuts. The operator removes the product after all operations have been performed. For rapid exchanging of semi-finished and finished parts, AHAtech has developed a quick change palette system.

All cutting stations are equipped with servo drives to achieve the necessary precision, while allowing dimensions to be changed from the main control panel.


Drilling machines

  • For offline drilling with a combination of end or contour cutting
  • Whenever the sealing needs openings for ventilation, drainage or clips
  • Option for finished products to be quickly dropped onto the conveyor
  • Option for suctioning away waste after drilling
  • Choice of pneumatic or electric drilling heads

Stroje so sekaním na podložku

Die cut machines

  • Simple and cost-effective seal cutting
  • Equipped with one or more customer-specified tools
  • Multiple cuts possible at one time
  • Sensors able to monitor correct cutting position
  • Optional automatic cutting and ejection of processed parts

Klipsovacie stroje

Clipping machines

  • Clipping machines are designed to insert plastic clips into automotive seal openings
  • Allows very high chip-loading efficiency
  • Various clip shapes, hole patterns and profile cross-sections

Stroje na pílenie

Saw machines

  • For separating steel-reinforced sealing
  • Controlled sensors correctly position products during processing
  • Special saw units guarantee best finishing quality for profile ends
  • Exhaust unit guarantees a clean environment
  • Shaped saw units guarantee waste does not settle in the suction and clog it